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What the KD IV

After seeing the “What the Lebron 9″, You had to expect a KD IV version and here you have it. Seen here is the “What the KD IV” Sporting several aspects of recent KD IV releases that include hits like the Weatherman, Aunt Pearl, Nerf and several other colorways mashed into one. Thanks to KD himself, we’re able to see the “What the KD IV” for the first time and when do they release you ask? You could possibly expect these perhaps at the end of the year right before the KD V releases. Let us know if you’ll be copping these joints if released!

  • PatrickGordon

    Such garbage.

  • BiscoeTheBoss

    What the @#$% was Nike thinking when they thought this was a good idea? I’m not a fan of any of the “What The” themed shoes, but these are by far the worst!

  • rayabarnes2

    “what the kobe” are fresh everything else trash can juice.

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