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Dispute over Nike Air Yeezy was Case in Judge Judy

Ever thought we’d see Sneakers be part of a case on Judge Judy? We all saw the when Auction Hunters  found several pairs of Air Jordan’s which were later sold to Flight Club but never in a million years, did we expect to see a pair go up for dispute on Judge Judy. A Pair of Nike Air Yeezy “Zen Grey’s” were part of this case, including a pair of DB 3′s. Check out the Preview of today’s show here and let us know what you think.

  • JamesDaley

    db 3′s*

  • Snpdo

    lol whiny bitch boy, if its so overpriced, dont buy the shit, dont purchase it then cry, makes you look like a little spoiled bitch

  • ZakeelGordon

    So you delete my post and add it to the embed?

  • misnd3rstood416

    these kids are fucking idiots

  • ydoubleonie

    MOTHER EFF a RESELLER.  seriously. kids try to sell shoes 215 buck shoes for 1700???? and ON TOP OF THAT they’re NOT DS?   rocking em in the kitchen and posting it on twitter?these kids are so low.

  • BoricuaSole

    This is why I never buy anything online from
    Other people

  • Magneto78

    i would pay 100 for these ugly ass kicks

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