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Air Jordan 11 Low – White – Black – Red – Summer 2013


Last years Air Jordan 11 Low release featured a white and red drop, and Jordan Brand looks to replicate that success by tweaking the model and adding a black upper. The shoe is set for a summer release which is the perfect time to break out some lows with shorts. This pair is pretty identical to last years version but the black ballistic mesh and laces certainly give it a “Spy vs. Spy” feel when put up against the white and red joints. Looking like a Mike Bibby heat PE, this summer shoe is sure to be featured in many rotations, so get a look at the photos and let us know what you think.





  • Dennis_516

    They look weird with the white patent and midsole but I like em

  • ka0tikkickz

    They should’ve made them bred lows with black patent instead of the white..  these aren’t bad, but bred lows would be fire!

  • dyvrsity

    look…. different i gotta say. not bad, JB, but i’ll pass.

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