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Lost Sneaker Archives: Part 2


It’s been a week since we posted Part 1 of Chicago’s Lost Archives and today, we are show you Part 2 of one of the most diverse vintage stock never before seen. Full of Nike’s, Fila’s, Reebok’s, you name it, it’s here. We could’ve spent an eternity inside of this madhouse sifting throughout the various OG sneakers, whether it was Frank Thomas’s first signature sneaker to OG Kamikaze’s with Shawn Kemp’s name stamped on them. Some of the coolest things we found were sometimes not even sneakers, but vintage displays like the ones we’ve shown below. If you missed Part 1 make sure to check is out here and Part 3 will go down next week so stay tuned with us via our FB, IG, and Twitter for the finale.

modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_151 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_152 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_153 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_150 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_148 modern-notoriety-vintage-shoes-sneakers-digging-secret-undisclosed-rare-old-nike-air-adidas-reebok-fila-display_149

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