If you happen to take a trip to Nike World Headquarters, one of the main facilities you should head to first is the Michael Jordan building. The building was dedicated to the GOAT and houses tons of historic relics such as his original Air Jordans encased, A Small exhibit showcasing the inspiration behind the Air Jordan 11 and a few other attractions. Check out 40 Photos of the Michael Jordan Building Below and let us know if you’d like to visit one day.





  • arc

    Very cool! The 3’s are falling apart but those 11’s still look icey!

  • Sker

    Really? It’s photos like this that make me not even bother with it. I thought you were gonna show things we’ve never ever seen before. I’m a jordan fan but I’m really not impressed with this. Every sneaker website show the same things.

  • Adi *

    People breaking into banks and shit, this is where I’ll break into.

  • CH

    So this is only 40 Photos of the Jordan building waiting lobby.

  • kennymetayer

    Yes, I’d would like to visit one day.