adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black

Taking things in a little bit of a different direction, adidas Originals has pumped out a couple fresh looks for their Bankshot 2.0, and if you’re feeling monochromatic as of late you’re in luck. Offered in all white or all black, these 2.0 wonders are a great way to ground an outfit. Simplicity is king around here, and it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Score a pair or two now if you’re about that life.

adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_04 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_02 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_05 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_03 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_06 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_07 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_10 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_09 adidas-bankshot 2.0-white-black_08

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