This weekend was one of the best and worst for those who caught onto the Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ craziness. The Nike Factory store in Portland received more than 100 pairs of the Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ that featured the Nike Air on the tongue, amazing leather, and probably the closest to the OG model. Many were confused about the Banned 1 release because it never hit retailers but if they were to hit this year, we have some bad news for the OG lovers that weren’t able to scoop up a pair. If the ‘Banned 1’ were to release, The version that will hit retailers will be the one that features the Jumpman on the back, tongue and Leather X’s on the heel and Wing logo. You may ask, ‘Why did they show up at the outlets? Well, Let’s just say the few that weren’t destroyed, needed to be moved in a quick manner, therefore randomly showing up at a factory store.  After the Jump, You can check out the ‘B-Grade’ and the version that will be hitting retailers.

Air Jordan 1 Banned (2)

Notice anything different? Black X, Jumpman on the tongue, Narrow toe box. While the ‘B-Grade’ has kept it’s OG status with Nike air on the tongue, slim and not bulgy, tumbled leather.

Air Jordan 1 Banned (4)

The heel of the potential release will be having the rubber X covering the Jumpman. The B-Grade features an Ex that blends in with the red colorway.

Air Jordan 1 Banned (1) Air Jordan 1 Banned (5)

Air Jordan logo X’d out on the potential release, B-Grade is displayed freely.

Air Jordan 1 Banned (3) Air Jordan 1 Banned (6)

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  • Brandon

    what the fuck ?!?!?!!??!?! Give us the B-Grade version. how can they b B-grade anyways ? Thats fucking stupid

  • mike2223

    wow those who got the b-grades grabbed a gem

  • Alex♥'sK

    So are these releasing.?

    • Oscar Castillo

      No word yet, BUT if they WERE to release, chances are we'd be getting the RUBBER X banned.

  • Marhagm

    This sucks. Another fugly new jordan smh.

  • Ruzzy

    WOW! -.-

  • ebe2023

    wow those people with the B-grades came up! I will not buy these with that X everywhere its overkill.

  • bcald

    The B Grade OG's look better…

  • thegoods22

    jordans with special boxes/features are so much better than regular retro releases

    • FuckAbitch


  • John

    B-grade is so much better

  • quickstrike

    iwant the b grade version to com out.!!!!!

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  • conga stackboxes

    The B grades are sooo much better, they smell like dat good leather too :-) these other joints with the X's on em look like payless pleather

  • mynothinginc

    I'm so glad and blessed that I was able to cop 3 pairs, the new version potentially coming out late this year looks like a disaster