Jordan Brand has a habit of saving some high profile releases for the Holiday season. Black Friday and Christmas tend to drop the most heat, and Jordan fans can expect to a joyous season thanks to the return of the Air Jordan 5 Laney. With rumors surrounding the return of the AJ5 dressed in MJ’s high school colorways for 2013, we can proudly say that the memorable shoe is poised for a rehash at the end of this calendar year. What should be a busy year for sneakerheads will indeed become even busier, so prepare your wallets for another hit. This news is fresh, so please let us know how you feel in the comments section below.

Photos are NOT this years Laney 5.



A Big Thank You to Anonymous.

  • EvJurk

    Those soles don’t have a blue tint like every other recent retro with Icey soles. I don’t believe this.

    • DavidRomero

      @EvJurk lol thats because these are the laneys from 2000

    • @EvJurk Photos are NOT this years Laney 5.

      • EvJurk

        @straightfitted I think they just added that after I commented

        • @EvJurk  @straightfitted Guess youll have to wait for the icy blue pics early from taobao….smh

        • @EvJurk  @straightfitted No That’s been there since we’ve posted. READ.

        • EvJurk

          @modernnotoriety how do we know they’re coming out then? Just an anonymous source?

  • JakeeAD