The Air Jordan 7 ‘Dark Charcoal’ surfaced this past weekend, with a small preview that finally confirmed the colorway to be just like the Air Jordan 7 from 2002. Now we know we’ve been flooding the internet with detailed images of this Air Jordan 7, but this photo set is by far the most detailed yet. From nubuck uppers to the multicolored outsole, this Air Jordan 7 is the closest to the 2002 version by far. There might be a few slight differences here and there, but rest assure that this Air Jordan 7 will become another instant sell out come September 1st.

Air Jordan VII
Black/True Red-Dark Charcoal-Club Purple






  • xavier

    The material is difffrent from the 2002 version it looks more like the same material jb used on the retro viii playoffs!!! The other diffrences that i noticed was the color of true redaccents its alot brighter than 2002 raptors!!

  • bdogg

    must cop for me! all black…i am pumped..pretty much on point to the 2002 raptors! love it!

    • Manny-Pairs

      there not all black @ all. the reason their called dark charcoal is cuz toe and side panel are dark charcoal. just like 2002

  • bigdick

    Looks good finally i see those types of laces i wished they put that on the olympic 6

  • Hevro22

    So obviously the theme for the 7’s is 1992. So with that said, with the release of the Olympic 7 and the Char/Rap (whatever you wanna call’em) 7’s does this mean we should be expecting a release date for the “HARES” sometime this year or next?

    • Michael

      yea bro I think the Hares could possibly be like a holiday release but then again they would have released the bordueaxs this year if it were a 1992 theme

      • Hevro22

        Man a holiday release would NIiiice!

  • WatchThaThrone

    They released the Olympics because its the Olympics this year

  • Rellpo

    get rid of those laces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The material here is WRONG. It is all durabuck now, whereas it should be only durabuck on the overlays, with nubuck on the toe and side panels. That is what should also be dark charcoal, not black. The 2002 Retro is closest to the original, but this is better at least than that weird pack form a years ago, still wrong, though. And stop calling them Raptors; there were no Raptors in 92, noobs