Air Jordan 7 Retro - Dark Charcoal
Air Jordan 7 Retro - Dark Charcoal

The Air Jordan 7 ‘Dark Charcoal’ originally released in 2002, and featured a much darker upper compared to the OG that released 10 years before. Now 10 years after it’s original retro release, the “Dark Charcoal” returns in September at a retail price of $160. The Air Jordan 7 “Dark Charcoal” features a nubuck upper, True Red and Club Purple accenting the midsole. Let us know if you’ll be copping these in September. Via Sole Up

Air Jordan VII
Black/True Red-Dark Charcoal-Club Purple


  • Mark

    Not a huge proponent of the VII’s, but I’m defiently copping these.

  • not good…the 2002s were charcoal…these are black…not the same…good thing i still got 2 pair.

    • MrFlyJ

      the 2002 raps were just as dark as theses

    • kupala

      lol @ this person..a newbie wannabee

  • these are the OG charcoals…not the DMP 7 pack “raptors”

  • reese

    yes dis wat im talkn bout finally two pairs fa me

  • Hevro22

    Nice! this is just fine! After the Jordan lV debacle (plastic material).

  • og no retro

    Yeah dmp version def not the og 7. Check Mike in them., article confusing as hell

  • iPhresh

    Yupperz I’ve been waiting.

  • DRH

    Definitely copping!

  • Niagara

    The Bottoms look hella weird! thier missing the yellow accents it’s looks plain.. Other than that i’m Coppin’ ! (:

  • Rp09

    No yellow on bottom . Cmon . Aleast it doesnt look like dmp 7.

  • Falls

    coppin these fo shure

  • David Stern

    These are the retro’s that dropped in 2002,

    the OG version is this

    You dumb asses don’t know how to tell the difference?

  • ant

    This whole article made no sense

  • bdogg

    love it..all black like the 2002! i hated the dmp version…the charcoals or raptors were never supposed to look like the boardaux..sorry. for those that dont know the actual 0g from 1992 was actually black/shadow..light ashy difference but not very noticeable. these are a must for me..pretty close to the retro 2002 version.. i am real happy!