Ray Allen had some of the best Player Exclusives in his career, including a few that released at House of Hoops in 2007. One of the retro’s Ray Allen was seen wearing often was the Air Jordan 8 in Black / Green and White / Green, which also became the colorways that were available to the public at select stores back in 07. The PE finds it’s self back in 2012 with Ray Allen’s signature on the toe so if you’d like a piece of history on your feet, these are available now. You can purchase them Now

  • Nice shoe..even though Ray's a traitor… And is this dude serious trying to get $3,000 for these? I mean, this is the kind of BS that's ruining the sneaker game..greedy-ass mofos.

    • mike

      bro there signed by a future hall of famers and all time 3 point maker in league history…