Remember that rumored “Rainbow Pack” we mentioned earlier?  Well it’s finally surfaced and just about every single retro from the pack will soon be listed on Ebay. It all began with an Air Jordan 4 that featured a solid red color on the uppers, then followed an Air Jordan 16, Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 5. Now the entire collection has surfaced that features an amazing selection of colors. Is this the craziest collection you’ve seen? Check out the Air Jordan Rainbow Pack after the Jump and for those interested in the Air Jordan 12, They’re Available Here

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  • Niagara

    Serious JB ?? -_______-

    • luis


  • Me

    I really hope this never releases

  • Mehdi

    You should have seen my disguisted face the whole Time scrolling down

    • Jordan

      Same here

  • Dennis_516

    Really I don’t think these will ever release but if they did I would cop just to have in the collection. Quality does not look good too

    • SB


  • Tha Joker

    Dennis you idiot your basically saying you’d cop a steaming pile of s*** because it was branded by Jordan. People like you are why quality has gone down you just cop to be cool. Anyways the 11s look fire scrap everything else and release them as a celtics color way

  • TaskForcePlus

    This is abosolutely hideous. The real reason why I’m mad is because I might actually like the XVs.

  • Ro’Hoe

    Yea, this what it comes down to lmao I seen a few people wearing these already tho you can pick em’ up from your local corner store, gas station, or liquor store haha… Honestly I’ll cop them 11’s, 9’s, And Maybe them 14’s have sum potential… The rest of them joints are Boogaga!!!

  • Lilfaze420

    All of the usaully ugly jordans look decent on here

  • shoe game dying

    i hope they release these and no one and i mean stores will have these for months and they go into outlets and still no one buys them just to show JB that they wasted their time money and efforts.

  • AnonymousRex

    They even managed to make the 11s look unbuyable ugh