The good fellas over at AKIN cooked up something inspired over The Air Jordan Alpha 1’s that were sent to Lebron James during the draft wait that had Chicagoan’s at the edge of their seats until his announcement on his talent’s being taken to South Beach.  As most of you may remember, The box that was sent, had a gold inscription that read ” You’re a King but can You fill these shoes?” and apparently, to most Chicagoan’s, Lebron’s pick proved that He could not step to the plate to fill the GOAT’s shoes.

Akin dropped a tee labeled, “HOMIE YOU CANT FILL THESE SHOES” in 3 colorways picturing Lebron crying in the AJ1’s that seem to be too much for him (literally). The back features a Varsity Letter message that says “Homie You can’t Fill these Shoes”. To Cop a tee E-Mail for details.

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