If you grew up in the 90’s, you’ll remember Space Jam, Michael Jordan’s first movie that starred a bunch of Looney Tune characters like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy and several other characters from the WB franchise. Last Night, Lebron James tweeted that he “Wishes” he could star in the second Space Jam movie if it were ever to occur. Could Lebron James carry the Space Jam torch after the GOAT? Let us know what you think if the movie went into production.

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  • Sam_NoIAm

    The whole movie would about how Lebron isn't as good as Jordan though smh

    • F lebron

      WB you better not Fuck this up please!!! LEBRON STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE MIKE!! ITS NOT!! HAPPENING!!!! stop letting these lame children hype you up by saying your equal to mike #kill your self!!! DONT DO THIS!!

  • Yeezy3

    I guess after winning his first championship he feels he can do anything. But why not? I'd go to see it.

  • atl-sneakerkorean

    please do not let this happen

  • aaguileraconway

    Don't fuck with a classic

  • Kopped

    NO!!! That will be a shamockery!!!!

  • Bo_Knows

    The storyline wouldn’t make sense. Kobe deserves a movie before Lebron gets to star in this one. Besides Lebron isn’t affiliated with Bugs bunny hence the term “Hare Jordan.”

  • i feel like it would be dope

  • Dennis_516

    Im sorry but lebron just aint good enough. Id still watch it tho, but I think kobe would be a better fit for that role than lebron. Still there will never be anyone better than the G.O.A.T. Mj