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In the words of Kanye “I know you’re tired…” of Reebok Classic Leather editions, it’s alright, we all are, but today we’re here to show you the latest offering as that is our duty. In collaboration with Limited ETD out of Singapore Reebok are pumping these slithery beasts, a rainbow-esque snakeskin pair of CL’s that like many, many, many sneakers this year are commemorating the year of the snake. The design comes from three noteworthy people out of Singapore, Jonning Chng, Alvin Huang and Mandeep Chopra, who collectively dubbed themselves “JAM”. These kicks are choc-full of details, from the molting effect of the changing colors to the pink midsole to the glowing outsole, there is far from a dull spot on these CL’s. Expect to see these hit shelves September 20th via select retailers.

reebok-limited edt-classic leather reebok-limited edt-classic leather_06 reebok-limited edt-classic leather_07 reebok-limited edt-classic leather_03 reebok-limited edt-classic leather_04 reebok-limited edt-classic leather_08 reebok-limited edt-classic leather_09 reebok-limited edt-classic leather_05

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