It’s been 7 years since we’ve seen a new box that packages the Air Jordan Retro series and in 2012, You can look forward to a brand new box that displays a bigger Jumpman and a new label. The New Air Jordan Retro 2012 Box was unveiled at Kicks Lounge this past weekend, where the presentation gave Kicks Lounge members a first look at the details on the 2012 box. 3 new labels will be featured on next years packaging, with a bigger Jumpman on the top. Stay tuned for more 2012 news here on Modern Notoriety. Via HK

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  • iRocJs

    3 Labels…



    JB Team?

  • sneaker4eyes

    ehh.. we'll see

  • G'd Up

    I really don't care for a new box….just hope it's even more durable. None of that weak recycled material bs like NSW

  • irv310

    About time!..looks nice.

  • Atmos

    Ohhhh so this is why our extra 15 dollars is going. Who cares about the box?

  • HeroAJ

    i really hope this isnt why were paying $15 more per retro

  • vhat

    the size sticker is too big it should be some what smaller for a sleeker look