Well lets break things down. We get two versions of the Air Jordan 1 drop last week, the High “Chicago” and the High OG “Knicks”. The Knicks version received the OG labeling and received a $30 price hike to add Nike Air to the tongue and remove the Jumpman from the heel. The Air Jordan faithful were treated to “Cement” retros in 2011 and the price tag read $160 for US customers. Now we get a look at the Air Jordan 3 ’88 “Cement” box and see an MSRP of $200, a $40 increase from the previous version of the shoe where the only change was a swap of logos on the heel (obviously a very important switch). Do you think the price hike is justified? Will this shy you away from copping, or are these a must no matter what? Debate in the comments section below.air-jordan-3-88-retro4-540x405 air-jordan-3-88-retro3-540x405 air-jordan-3-88-retro6-540x405

via The Closet Collectors

more photos courtesy of Sneakers Addict


  • JuanJuan

    This is RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Mike03Kap

    I’m heart broken, and I’m offended cause me as a collector/buyer and wear shoes from Jordan Brand I feel like he is straight fucking us over..straight fucking us over no condom

    • GyanShieldsdad

      @Mike03Kap See you in line…

      • Mike03Kap

        @GyanShieldsdad Haha no line I have what you would call a connect so no line for me..but had these on my list and I’ll be passin..thank you very much

  • blcklistd

    thats a straight £150…. hmmm…. for a “Nike Air”… really?!

  • mikebill

    im sooooooooo buying reps!

  • RiccoMachadoSon

    I don’t think the price hike is gonna stand …once they hear how upset we are the price will drop (probably not to $160 though) …remember JB was gonna do that with the Bred 4’s and 11’s but it didn’t stick

    • sneakerfiend

      @RiccoMachadoSon Wish that’d be the case. But they wont, strictly because they know they’ll still have ppl camping out for days regardless of the price. They know they can get it, so they’re doing it like some true ungrateful fucks

  • Mike03Kap

    I’m heart broken :(

  • Snpdo

    this is the last straw you greedy bastards…

  • Sluttel_Jacobs

    Jordan Brand is getting out of hand. I decided that I was buy more Reebok retros and Nikes than Jordans because Jordan Brand doesn’t respect peoples pockets

    • enhancedakuma

      @Sluttel_Jacobs I’m doing the same thing. Jordan Brand is just making reselling even worse now. They can fuck themselves.

  • nate313

    Jordan can blow somebody I’m not buying them even though I wanted them cause I missed out on the 2011 pair.

  • BluntzNBacon

    Nike/Jordan brand is smart they know even if they hike the price on people u fools will still sell them out everywhere

  • Jonathan Broder

    i love the iii like every other jay head but $200? come jb?? are you serious???

  • talentedswag

    its not the retail id complain about because you wont be able to find it for retail at least where i live at i wish that stores would not up the price

  • jaysareforbabies

    f@#%k jordans… I’m done with this s$#t…


    Priced high strictly for us OG cats who can afford em!.. Not for the young bucks who was still in daddy’s nut sack when these originally dropped..

    • @CHVCKNORRIS lol at you

    • enhancedakuma

      @CHVCKNORRIS Yeah, you sound like an idiot. You’re gonna let Nike screw you out of $40 just for the OG logo? You’re not an OG, you’re a moron.


        @enhancedakuma $40 is chump change to me you ill faggot ass bitch haha

        • enhancedakuma

          @CHVCKNORRIS Only idiots resort to calling people “faggots”. Get an education, you’re making black people look stupid. Chump change for a chump.


          @enhancedakuma move out of your mamas basement for once you cheap bastard moron. Complain & bitch about a measly extra $40 & I bet your idiot ass is STILL gonna try to buy em. And you’re gonna pull the typical higher education card & race card. Go sit down on a toilet and get shitted on.

        • enhancedakuma



          @enhancedakuma nah but we can shit on each other all day lol

        • enhancedakuma

          @CHVCKNORRIS Ha ha, I’m blazed now, I don’t got the shit talking in me.

  • YpsiBoy

    :/  i want ’em… but not for $200. im not a big “III fan” anyway. i’d rather cop a LeBron for that price   :)

  • Litoelpatron

    WTF!!!!! thats it i am not buying anymore jordans or nikes anymore im going with reebok these bastards get worse and worse by the day knowing it really costs 5 dollars to make in china

  • Retro_87

    The 2011 white cements retailed at $150…weren’t $160 till the black cements


    Attention to bitch ass complainers.. Don’t buy them.. Leave em all to me. Gimme 5 pairs & I’m good.

  • GyanShieldsdad

    People paid 245 for yeezys no history…..NIke won’t change that sure of it..  BUt I hope I have to eat my words… check out my top joints from last year though

  • i dont care 200 is ok if nike made em with good midsole if thise chipp and peel i will flip

  • Kardi

    Everybody want rock “og” jays even if quality is hundred times worse than og..Everybody will pay that with pleasure haha))