A few months ago, we gave you exclusive news about the Nike Plus Lebron 10 retailing at $315, but that’s not stopping Lebron fans from being consumers of this upcoming shoe. Seen here are a few teasers of the Lebron 10, that give us details about the materials being used. Featured on the Lebron 10, will be Hyperfuse, Nike Zoom and Flywire. Expect the Lebron 10 to take Fall by storm. Stay tuned for more news on MN. Via Hoopchina

Nike+ Lebron 10 – $310

Nike Lebron 10 – ???



  • SongSang

    $310. Good luck with that bron. Pass

  • Michael Jordan

    Fuck Lerons, my shoes are only 160

    • ryan

      nah bitch they 180 and 200

  • Mr.Joe.Johnson

    Thats a damn shame. Nike actually has the gull to charge $310 for a shoe. There’s is no technology nor material that would justify this price.


    ^^^The $310 price tag is for the Nike+ versions, the regulars are projected to be around 170 again

  • Blue

    I want to complain about the price but that’s what I usually pay for shoes when these websites crash and I have to buy from ebay so if the shoe looks good I will buy

  • KT

    ppl just talk talk talk. $310 is for the version that has the Nike+Basketball system in them. For the real ballers. The regular version will still be $170. Chill out.

  • Atmos

    Doesn’t look too promising but it’s way too early to tell. Also, I think it’s nearly impossible for these to be worse than the 9s.

  • Evan

    I don’t think LeBron controls the price of the shoe, fucking retard.