Nike Lebron 8 112 (1)
Nike Lebron 8 112
Nike Lebron 8 112

The real Nike Lebron 8 “112” surfaced over the weekend, leaving Lebron 8 fans in shock. Early in 2011, a different sample surfaced that featured a neon yellow colorway with a mix of grey and white. This particular colorway was said to be the Nike Lebron 8 “112” but Today, we have a look at a Nike Lebron 8 “112” and this time, it features the real “112” color theme. The Nike Lebron 8 112 displays the usual 112 colorway with Black Cement Print, The Neon 112 color scheme, lovely 3M and black suede. Thanks to R3tro aka Air_Andy, we have a detailed look at the Nike Lebron 8 112. Though this colorway will never release, You can always drool over the photos which you can peep after the Jump. Thanks to Air_Andy for these amazing photos of the Nike Lebron 8 “112”.

Nike Lebron 8 112 (1)

Nike LeBron 8 “112”

Nike Lebron 8 112 (2)

Nike LeBron 8 “112”

Nike Lebron 8 112

Nike LeBron 8 “112”

Nike Lebron 8 112 (4)

Nike LeBron 8 “112”

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  • PoLlo

    First nice cop

  • PoLlo

    But they will never come out :(

  • jjior23

    why would u make such a beatiful and never release it? fuck u nike!

  • TheSurgeon

    Wow Nike always releases only the garbage cw and expects us to drop 160 fuck u nike!

  • K-TownHustle

    tbh this > South Beach

  • twylight

    this shoe sucks and so was the last 112 lebron. as a matter of fact all lebron shoes are pretty wack. i wouldnt buy these if they were 30 dollars. exclusive or not, never coming out or not, 1 of none, sample, whatever, the shit sucks donkey balls and is ugly.

  • ryan

    Why didn't release Nike??? :/

  • blue


    must be from cleveland

  • Mike

    HAHA. ^^^ twylight DEFINITELY from Cleveland cuz these shoes are straight fire man. Dope shoe.

  • tywlightfromclevelan

    ya gotta be from cleveland

  • Jordunk23

    ill take these over south beaches in a hearbeat. watch stickie213 have a vid on em, saying he owns em.

  • Chris"fucking&q

    fact is half of you can't afford this shoe! So it's in ALL your best interest to not like it

  • Downrange

    Whh wouldn’t they release this shoe??? That’s guaranteed money in the bank for them! I’d cop two pairs!