Via Shoepreme

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  • david

    i hope those are fake…

  • Jonathan

    Up in flames like his receding hair line lol, this is for all the hype beasts. LeBron sucks and so does his shoes, real sneakershead stand up!!

  • choker Lebron

    a choker shoe:)

  • Got em

    @chokerlebron Why you hatin on lebron and the shoe. You must not own south beaches

  • Irv310


    Yea You're right!.lol.straight up photoshop!!

  • jjior23
  • TheBaller

    I thought maybe they were fake at first, but yeah definitely photoshop.

  • mistersizzle

    Well gee that doesn’t look photoshopped……

  • atl-sneakerkorean

    looks like a ps

  • HeroAJ

    I dont think you could photoShop something liek this,this good lol @ Jonathan

  • luis torres

    he photoshoped it #smh -__-

  • Cole

    watcj tje video jjior posted. He actually burnt them