reebok-classic leather-lux-horween_03

It’s a big day for Chicago, first up was the fantastic street art from Ali 6, and now we have this latest pair of Reebok Classic Leather’s outfitted in Chestnut Horween leather. For those of you unaware, Horween is a tannery in Chicago that creates a one of a kind water-resistant leather out of horse leather, a process they’ve mastered over the past hundred years. Seen here on the Reebok Classic Leather, this is an extremely fitting collaboration of sorts, as very few American leather company’s carry as much clout as Horween. If you’re interested in these durable leather killers, head over and cop a pair now.

reebok-classic leather-lux-horween_02

Third World Born Chicagoan pursuing all things pursuable. Follow me on IG: @oscar_castillo


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