St. Alfred Summer 2011 (2)

St. Alfred in Chicago brings us some new product this Summer in the form of 5 panel caps and t-shirts. The 5 panel hats consist of lightweight cotton and are described by STA  as “perfect for the Summer” and we would have to agree. The t-shirts are also cotton, of course, and feature something that is undeniably distinct to Chicago on the front. Chicago is known for many things; trains, wind and of course hot dogs. The Chicago-style hot dog, as described by STA, consists of a kosher dog with mustard, hot peppers, onions, pickles and a poppy seed bun. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, if your not in the Chi and unable to grab one of these famous hot dogs maybe you can try to snag one of these limited edition t-shirts with said hot dog on the front and mustard STA script on the back. St. Alfred is accepting phone orders for both the 5 panel caps and t-shirts now. – Via St. Alfred

St. Alfred Summer 2011 (3)

St. Alfred Summer 2011 (1)

St. Alfred Summer 2011 (4)

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