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For those of you out of the loop, NFL Hall of Fame member Warren Sapp has encountered some financial woes, and his sneaker collection was not spared. Sent off to auction were 213 pairs of Sapp’s beloved Nike and Air Jordan sneakers, ranging from rare OG’s to random Nike and Jordan releases, all of which were sold in a lot via an auction, for a shockingly low sum of $6,390 (broken down that equates to $30 a pair, someone got a steal on some serious J’s!). The most interesting part of this is that there were originally 240 pairs of sneakers featured, but they were either bought back by Sapp himself or are going to be sold individually, which would make sense if they were of the PE or rare OG nature. Below is a highlight-reel of the collection, but you can check out the 213 pair listing here. It’s hard to tell if Sapp had taste or money, but the moral of the story is, if you get in trouble with your finances be sure to hide your Yeezy’s and Corks (joking of course).

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