We all know Nike is a genius when it comes to cryptic messages and right before 2011 ended, they released a video with nothing but a date and a Nike plus sign that played for 14 seconds. What’s weird about this video, is that we’ve gotten emails from Mag owners who received a message that contained this video, but no other information was provided. Could this be another one of Nike’s plans for an epic release of some sort? Stay tuned with Modern Notoriety for more news on 1.19.12.

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  1. 10 bucks says the guy above is wrong and that it's OBVIOUSLY not the mags. Mag lights really? Chances are it's just a new running shoe.

  2. Actually speaking of the colors and the running sound effects…I'm betting it has something to do with Usain Bolt

  3. Nike plus is going to have a huge spike in sales after they unveil their latest product. Just wait, 2012 is going to be one of the best years sneakerheads of all kinds have ever seen from Nike. The 19th will be incredible! the concept of this new "thing" is genius.

  4. It ain't that hard to figure out, Nike Plus, Make It Count… It's watch related, prob GPS and some other clever gadget-ish stuff. It's for the running department, no sneakers

  5. Gave it some more thought, it's Nike's chip in a shoe. Adidas recently did it so they can't stay behind. All the athletes are tweeting it and with the Olympics and the European championships soccer on the program this summer it makes perfect sense doesn't it?

  6. it will be -somewhat- along the lines of a chip.. hate it or love it Nikes about to kill the shoe game from every angle possible… it is NOT the air max 2012, Nike has already allowed almost ALL of the GR sneakers to leak out, short of a few LE AF1's and PE's and 2 pairs of foams that will be BEYOND hyped. your mind will be blown the 19th!

  7. To the first comment, regarding the Mag's. People payed thousands of dollars for their mags. You will NEVER see a general release of the Nike Mag's. How would you feel if, for example, you bought the Ray Allen 13's for $1,000 on flight club, only for Nike/JB to re-release them as a general release, making the resale on those thousand dollars shoes you bought the same as a new pair of AF1's. Use your brain, its clearly Nike+ technology. there would NOT be a + after the Wing if it was any other nike product.


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