The “detectives” over at Niketalk have a keen eye for spotting some out of the ordinary details that some others may miss. With Jordan Brand pumping out millions of basketball sneakers per year, the onus is on them for quality control on a mass scale. No matter how hard they they try to avoid it, B-Grades are inevitable, but its rough when the consumer is subject to purchasing kicks at a retail store only to find major flaws that were missed and wrongfully shelved as “A-Grade”. Check out the gallery of some of the most glaring examples and check out NT for some more examples of Jordan-gone-wrong.
1. Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”


Granted, the Air Jordan 8 is a complicated shoe with a lot of moving parts but that doesn’t mean we have to get stuck with something like this. Many pairs have been reported with the strap ending being affixed upside down. Bright side is if you can backflip dunk everybody can read the “Air Jordan” correctly.

2. Air Jordan 6 “Olympic”


You might have to look closely, but if you do you’ll notice that both shoes feature different types of leather. The right shoe goes with tumbled leather, while the left goes with good ole’ smooth leather. At least the logos are right-side up.

3. Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey”


Upside down logos, a brewing theme. It’s pretty simple to notice that MJ is dunking a basketball on shoe and Olympic diving on the other. But then again when you’re looking at THOUSAND’S of Cool Grey’s running down a conveyor belt your eyes might get a little weary.

4. Air Jordan 7 “Orion”


Whoops! hope nobody gets this confused for like Reeboks, or Asics or something. Pretty sure not putting the Brand name on the tongue is a mistake.


 5. Air Jordan 13 “Ray Allen”


Its cool, kids buy the shoes to look at them, they don’t actually wear them. Jordan Brand doesn’t really need to punch through those last two lace loops, do they?

6. Air Jordan 10 “Chicago”


MJ apparently was a boat enthusiast as well. His favorite in the collection? The “Champio Ship”.

7. Air Jordan 11 “Bred”


Over the years, the Air Jordan 11 has been notorious for the stitching problems on the rear Jumpman. Some times MJ don’t wanna dunk a ball, know what I’m sayin?

8. Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement”

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.02

This one is just plain messed up. It’s like someone noticed they messed up, slid the “I” into its rightful spot, and then pretended like nothing ever happened. Except for that massive glue stain that pretty much everyone can see.

9. Air Jordan 8 “Aqua” Again!


Apparently the straps weren’t the only issue on the Air Jordan 8. Somehow someone managed to place the tongue plate on upside down. With the logo being so big and colorful, how does anyone miss that? They’ll still take your $165 though…

10. Air Jordan 4 “Bred”

Picture 22

Shape issues plague many shoes as well, but ever since the the first retro of the 4 the shape has continued to fluctuate. At least give us an identical pair though. Discrepancies amongst each shoe in a pair have been reported, like here where symmetry issues are glaring.

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  1. Pretty sure the Air Jordan 10 error only happens to size 14 for some reason, which you can see in the photo


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