10 years of yeezus

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Kanye West’s debut album “College Dropout”. This first sentence is something you have probably already deduced from your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Myspace feeds, but no matter how saturated this celebration may be, the effect the man and the music have had is something that is hard to argue against. Ten years to the day (minus one) his sneakers are dropping and selling out within ten minutes, ten years from the day the songs are still in regular rotation on iPhone’s, Android’s and hipster’s turntables all around the world, and that is something you cannot deny. You can point out his faults, you can disagree with his views, but you cannot disagree that, for bettor or for worse, he has influenced pop culture with the hands of a skilled puppeteer. Go pop on “College Dropout” on Spotify, zip up your Pyrex hoodie, lace up your Yeezy’s, throw on your shudder shades and sip some some ‘Goose, “cause it’s Louis Vuitton don night”.

10 years of yeezus_02

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