What would You do if you came home and saw that your entire Air Jordan collection was stolen? Well, We know what we would do. We’d probably go CSI on the entire place and find out who did it. Unfortunately, some Hard working sneakerheads have the worst of luck. WCNC recently reported that a Charlotte Man’s collection worth $10K, was stolen from his home. Check out the video after the jump.

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  1. It had to be someone they knew. They probably boasted about their collection to others and that's what happens when you let people know of what you have. Hope they had insurance or all that time and money spent was a waste of time.

  2. I think that's stupid of someone to do. It's unfortunate how a hard working person has to work extra to be able to provide but as well keep his passion for shoes going an someone one just steals his shoes.

  3. Death to the dude that stole them, don't give a damn if you boast about your collection or not, id go after his family, first, then tie him to a couch and set his crib on fire.

  4. That fool said his shoe collection was up to here !!! Shin High, ya Know Below the knee lmao that's not 10 Racks worth of kicks brody, you don't have enough room in your closet for 10 Racks and he's upset most about Concords are you serious, nothing better then Cons in the fleet ??? I say he probably had 25% of that 10,000

  5. thats why you keep people out of your business but he's 22 so im sure he was yappin to everybody about his new pickups and trying to pump himself up….i never show anyone my collection or make videos…my shoes are for me…no one else. oh and 30 pairs of jays dont even come close to 10,000 unless he had extreme heat.


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