1. Behind the Scenes: Michael Jordan jumping for the ball in front of the Chroma key for Space Jam


2. This is an actual sneaker made by Nike for an Elephant.

3. 22 Year old Michael Jordan BBQ Sauce…Disgusting

4. Bobby Hurley 1993 ITZ Basketball Shoe Commercial In The Zone

Bobby Hurley from Duke was the 7th overall pick in the 1993 NBA draft. He was selected by the Sacremento Kings and was expected to carry over from his college career where he had back to back championships. Unfortunately in December of his rookie year he was involved in a serious car accident that nearly claimed his life.

5. Your Sneakers or Your Life – A 1990’s Sports Illustrated article covers hype over Air Jordans and the violence that occurred in the 90’s for them.


6. The Nike Air Yeezy “Doernbecher” from 2009 featured an Air Jordan VI Sole


7. Sneaker Wars LA Gear/ Nike documentary 1990
Crazy documentary about the competitive sneaker market in the 90’s. Deep words by the gentlemen in the Stussy Shirt.

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  1. that documentary on sneaker wars, really something. shows how not much has changed present day. Sneeakers are still majorily aimed at minorities, still viewed as status symbols rather than footwear, and kids still getting killed for em


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