Photos by Ben Draper for Jordan Brand

Jordan Brands recent media event gave us insight on what to expect come Spring 2015 and as if the early images weren’t enough, we got an actual look at the product slated to release, a breakdown of the “Remaster” process and a look at the extra details that come with perfecting the Air Jordan Remastered line. Seen here is another preview of the event that gives you a look at the upcoming Air Jordan’s for the first quarter of 2015. Check out the photos and let us know which retro’s you’re looking forward to.





  • WTF


  • eriq

    And for only 3 payments of $155.99 these Jordans are yours! Call now and receive nothing extra for the same 3 payments of 155.99. That’s right. Call now! 1-800-arm-n-leg

  • Jay Brodes

    jus fix the tongue on the frenchie vii and i am all over those.will get em anyways but the 2002 did not have that much white… come on jb!

    • Hanh

      I agree. It’s the closest we gonna get to it tho..

    • BigBank1

      That was 2002 bud. 12 years ago. In the past. It’s 2014 now

      • Pops

        I hate when people say shit like this. Reebok, adidas, and new balance retros look exactly like their originals. Stop being a sheep and realize jordan brand and nike is running game on your low iq ass

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  • Monte SunTzu Crisco

    Bally’s are still better

  • Patrick

    all over those columbia 4’s

  • Randy Ruiz

    those chicago 10s are mine for sure