Nashua police charged three men with assaulting another man over Air Jordan sneakers.

Meeting up for Sneakers has been a sneakerhead tradition for the longest and over the years, people have been able to safely trade their sneakers with honest individuals. However nowadays, There are a few bad apples that are starting to see meet ups as an opportunity to commit a crime by robbery. The latest news to make headlines is the story of 3 individuals from Lawrence Mass who beat a man for his Air Jordans.

We urge you to do Sneaker meetups at a Police station to prevent incidents like these from happening.

The charged individuals all live in Lawrence, Mass., police said. They were identified as:

  • Anderson Thompson, 19, of 418 Howard St., Apt. 1
  • Christopher Francisco, 19, of 7 Toye Ave.
  • Fray Cayetano, 19, of 93 Boxford St.

They were charged with felony-level robbery.

Police said on Tuesday, a man reported he met the three men in the Cedar Street area to sell them the sneakers. Police said the men assaulted him instead and stole other apparel valued at about $3,000. The victim was not seriously hurt, police said.

Thompson was arrested in Wilmington, Mass.; Francisco and Cayetano were arrested in Lawrence.

The latest Air Jordans were released last month and retail for about $200.

Source: Patch


  1. lmao they’re 19 years of age and charged with felony robbery and prob other charges lmao omg Stupid fukin kids just wasted their life over the stupid decision they made within that time


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