With the Italian brand bringing back some classics, Fila has sparked intrigue thanks to the Return of the Grant Hill 2, the Fila Cage, and the Fila Stackhouse. The old school basketball shoes have reminded us that during the mid-90’s , Fila was a force in the industry thanks to an aggressive plan to outfit some of the future stars of the game at the time with some serious footwear. With that in mind, we have a few ideas of what we’d like to see make a return in their original form. Let us know if you agree and which joints you’d like to see return also after the jump.

1. FILA Mash Mashburn


After a stellar career at Kentucky, Fila rolled the dice on the unproven commodity that was Jamal Mashburn. The gifted forward was set to be a high draft pick in the 1993 NBA draft, and Fila attempted to get a jump on competitors by signing him to a 5 year, $7.5 million shoe deal that included a red Ferrari as a signing bonus! His most memorable shoe was the Fila Mash which was a white leather based high-top that featured green and blue accenting to help go along with the Dallas Mavericks uniform, the team that drafted him. After he departed Dallas, he continued to wear the Mash in Charlotte before eventually switching over to Nike sneakers once his contract with Fila had run its course.

2. FILA Jam Ball


The Fila Jam ball was unique thanks to a creative idea that started out on the sole and made it’s way up the heel of the shoe. The sneaker was predominantly white leather in the upper, and featured a couple different color accenting like the Hornets inspired version, but also offered a really slick black and navy suede option. The outsole of the shoe is the star here thanks to the baller featured on the bottom of it who’s arm extended to the heel where his hand is actually palming a basketball.

3. FILA Runball


The Fila Runball came out around the same time as the Jam Ball and featured a couple similarities. The outsole also featured a basketball player silhouette, though not as dramatic as the Jam Ball. Cool features like the “F” upper lace loops and the Runball hangtag made this was a dope pair of kicks for kids to rock back in the day.

4. Grant Hill 3


By 1996, The Fila and Grant Hill names were established brands and familiar to any sneakerhead at the time. The Grant Hill 2 was a revolutionary shoe that stood toe-to-toe with the Air Jordan XI proving its staying power. The follow up wasn’t as groundbreaking, but the the Grant Hill 3 was still a sweet pair of kicks. It’s design was again one of a kind, and new age stuff like the reflective logo were ahead of their time.

5. FILA Grant Hll 3 Low


The GH3 Low was pretty much identical to the mid-cut only with the top chopped off. The lower cut design was not typically seen on Grant’s feet as he preferred Mid cuts (he was injured enough as it was), but regardless the shoe was offered in a more minimalist design. The low cut was offered a couple of colorways, most notably a simple white and navy version that featured a thicker wave pattern than it taller brethren.

6. FILA Grant Hill II Olympic


The Grant Hill II is most recognizable in its white and navy patent leather form, but some forget that Grant rocked these joints at the 96′ Olympics in Atlanta. The team was stacked with future hall of famers, and plenty of Sig shoe beasts like Shaq, Penny, and CB34 among others. Grant Hill held his own though thanks to a few Oly colorways of the legendary II, and one of the better ones was the white based version that had a navy blue bottom and just the right amount of red.

7. FILA The Stack II Low


As Jerry Stackhouse continues to be an effective baller in the twilight of his career with the Brooklyn Nets, we have seen retros of his kicks in the works. One of the more popular versions is the Stackhouse (which also goes by the moniker “Spaghetti’s” and is what Jerry is currently rocking) that was released during his hey day in Philadelphia. The Stack II followed up on those, and the low cut version came in a variety of colorways, but we really like the white and navy variation shown, which features the distinct diagonal double stripe design along with a clear outsole.

8. FILA The Stack II


The Stackhouse Mid was the choice footwear that Stack wore on the court and it featured a more dramatic double piping thanks to its higher cut design. Released during the 96′-97′ season, the shoe came in typical home/away mocks for the Sixers, and the black and white version shown here was Jerry’s choice during road games.


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