New Jersey-based skate brand 8THWONDER is bringing a big selection to its March drop after an explosive year that saw the brand grow exponentially. Started in 2017 by then-16yo Sal Glorioso, the brand has kept their foot on the gas heading into Spring 2021.

A staple of the brand has been the $8 tee and this capsule continues that tradition by offering two versions of the Dunk Tee for $8. The capsule also includes embroidered logo hoodies in 3 variations as well as a sage green cropped hoodie with a white flower graphic. The same graphic can be found on a cropped black tee as well. There are 5 total versions of the puff print tee that add significant dimension to the anime-style design. Other key items include the explosion tee, tie-dye shorts and the arched logo tee. A selection of accessories  are expected to drop with the collection as well including a duffle bag, hats, and sticker packs.

“The March collection is definitely a step in the new direction that I want to take 8THWNDR,” says owner Sal Glorioso. “I’m really focusing on our skateboarding roots, and you can see that in the Explosion Tee and Oval Logo Hoodies. I also live fairly close to Philadelphia, so the Basketball Jersey was definitely a tribute to Allen Iverson. I can’t wait for this drop and the future of the brand. In my eyes, the brand is still in its early stages and there is so much more to come.”

The collection drops via the 8THWONDER website on March 25th at 8pm ET. Check out a selection of photos from the drop below and find additional images on the 8THWONDER Instagram prior to release.


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