A Bathing Ape and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios have teamed up on a collection based on the animated character Pink Panther.

Pink Panther first appeared in the opening animation of the 1963 live-action movie Pink Panther. The character’s popularity spawned a spin-off franchise of theatrical shorts, television cartoons, and merchandise. In total, he starred in 124 short films, four TV series and four TV specials.

For this collaboration, BAPE has created an apparel and accessories collection featuring the iconic character. Designs for tees include Pink Panther and his nemesis Inspector Clouseau positioned in front of an APE HEAD logo or ABC CAMO wall. The character appears in BABY MILO style on two of the tees, while other designs see Pink Panther dressed in ABC CAMO. Aside from tees, the collection also includes hoodies, a sticker set, and beads cushion set.

The BAPE x Pink Panther collection drops on Saturday, October 16th at BAPE retailers and BAPE.com.



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