stussy-bape-ill collab

Stussy and the crew at A Bathing Ape gave us a teaser of their collab recently, but today they’ve delivered the goods, and we’re here to show you the “Ill Collaboration” capsule collection. Comprised of T’s, Hoodies, Outerwear, accessories and more, this collection sees the two streetwear icons bust out their most recognizable graphics and put them side by side, leaving hypebeasts and casual streetwear fans alike with no option but to cop these fresh offerings. No news as to the exact date we’ll see these, but it’s a Fall/Winter collection so we can assume the near future.

stussy-bape-ill collab_21 stussy-bape-ill collab_20 stussy-bape-ill collab_19 stussy-bape-ill collab_18 stussy-bape-ill collab_17 stussy-bape-ill collab_16 stussy-bape-ill collab_15 stussy-bape-ill collab_14 stussy-bape-ill collab_13 stussy-bape-ill collab_12 stussy-bape-ill collab_11 stussy-bape-ill collab_10 stussy-bape-ill collab_09 stussy-bape-ill collab_08 stussy-bape-ill collab_07 stussy-bape-ill collab_06 stussy-bape-ill collab_05 stussy-bape-ill collab_04 stussy-bape-ill collab_03 stussy-bape-ill collab_02

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