Imagine going to a foreign country and coming across a store housing 30 plus years of sneaker history. Adidas Expert Gary Asden and Adidas Originals headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina and discovered an amazing vintage adidas stock that was untouched for 3 decades until now. For those hardcore adidas fans, this is something you don’t want to miss. Check out the video and story below.



Check out the rest of the story at the Guardian

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  1. Do not buy those Adidas if you intend to wear them. Buy them just to collect them and look at them in awe.

    I bought 4 Adidas shoes that I really liked and it took 3 years for the first one I wore to break down. So I wore the 2nd shoe and I have not walked 500 meters with them and the soles just separated from the shoe. I thought that I just bought a lemon and wore the 3rd shoe. Same thing happened, the soles just separated from the body after 30 or so steps. So I decided not to wear the fourth one at all, fearing the same result will happen..


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