adidas-adios 2-run thru time-90s

The “Run Thru Time” pack continues, and the latest iteration to surface is a 90’s spin on the adiZer0 Adios 2, and the unique construction of these kicks have given the adidas design team a lot to play with, and the many aspects here are genuinely interesting. From mesh to suede to leather, there is a lot going on here, and the tonal greys in combination with black and lime green make this, from afar seem simplistic, but up close gives off an entirely different vibe. If you’re looking to step back into the 90’s you can do so now.

adidas-adios 2-run thru time-90s_05 adidas-adios 2-run thru time-90s_04 adidas-adios 2-run thru time-90s_03 adidas-adios 2-run thru time-90s_02

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