adidas-rick owens-tech runner_05

Proving once again that they’re coming at the swoosh like a hurricane, adidas is back with fresh heat from collaborator Rick Owens, and these Tech Runners are somethin’ serious. These walk the tight-rope between over the top and just right, with leather, suede and neoprene dished up in a familiar yet neck-breaking combo. The three colorways each accent the silhouette with finesse, making these a must have for the forward thinking sneakerhead. Make that pre-order move now with swiftness.

adidas-rick owens-tech runner_06 adidas-rick owens-tech runner adidas-rick owens-tech runner_07 adidas-rick owens-tech runner_02 adidas-rick owens-tech runner_03 adidas-rick owens-tech runner_04

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