In today’s fast paced world the way to lead is to rethink previous ideas and constantly evolve. Disruption in its very DNA, the EQT ADV SUPPORT deconstructs and rebuilds what has become one of adidas’ most iconic ranges – the EQT franchise launched in 1991. With 25 years to its name the EQT series is more than legendary: it is undisputedly classic, a bona fide game changer. To commemorate this anniversary adidas Originals created a worthy successor: the EQT ADV SUPPORT.

Building on adidas’ progressive spirit the EQT ADV SUPPORT lays out the vision and path ahead for the entire EQT family. Staying true to its name, the EQT ADV SUPPORT – ADV as in “advanced” – is exactly that: an advanced, refined continuation. As with many of the brand’s developments, adidas references its history rather than just reviving it, shaping new ideas in an enduring pursuit of progress. The all new EQT carries on the same prospect that made this series held in high regard by connoisseurs across the globe. It is a blueprint for adidas’ sophisticated use of state-of-the art materials and construction technologies, reinforcing a leadership role in creating an all new aesthetic that blends functionality with style.

Rethinking the past while engineering the future, the EQT ADV SUPPORT seizes the moment and takes the EQT franchise in a whole new direction. As a result of the bold progressive and visionary design, the sneaker sets out to prepare the ground for another 25 years of innovative footwear releases.

Catch the Adidas ADV EQT on July 1st 2016 at retailers like Overkill.





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