Today marks an important day in the future of adidas as premier footwear brand as they unveil the first model to come from their new SPEEDFACTORY. Coming first will be the Futurecraft M.F.G. (Made for Germany), designed to be the best fitting shoe you will own; featuring Primeknit, Boost, and ARAMIS technology, all in one. Now, what do all of these keywords mean when looking at the shoe as a whole? Well, the upper will wrap around the foot comfortably with the Primeknit, while Boost will provide comfort on the sole of the foot, and ARAMIS, a digital image correlation system, allows for adidas to design the shoe with precision.

Unfortunately, release is planned for just Germany for this colorway, but, you can expect a similar release in America as the other SPEEDFACTORY is based in Atlanta, unlike its European counterpart in Germany. Thoughts on where adidas is taking its production and design? Share them with us @ModernNotoriety and be sure to give us a follow to stay tuned with the latest information regarding Futurecraft and other sneaker releases just around the corner.








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