adidas-mcnasty-eggplant-mark mcnairy-kazuki_04

The Hookshot Lo from adidas has never looked so good, and that’s probably got something to do with the fact that this is hardly your average Hookshot, this isn’t even a Hookshot, this is a McNasty Lo, and comes to you via the creative minds of Mark McNairy and Kazuki Kuraishi. These bad boys feature a premium white leather upper that is accented in gold with the “MCNASTY LO” lettering as well as rough suede in grey and purple, all of which give these an upscale feel. Thankfully these are up for grabs now.

adidas-mcnasty-eggplant-mark mcnairy-kazuki_02 adidas-mcnasty-eggplant-mark mcnairy-kazuki adidas-mcnasty-eggplant-mark mcnairy-kazuki_05 adidas-mcnasty-eggplant-mark mcnairy-kazuki_03


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