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Star Wars paraphernalia is coming at us like laser beams or light sabers or, well, whatever Star Wars joke you want to insinuate, we’re seeing a $#@% ton of Star Wars gear, we’ll leave it there. The latest might be the best though, Star Wars teamed with adidas to allow users to customize their ZX Flux’s with select Star Wars graphics.

The patterns range from Darth to Storm Troopers, C3PO, the Death Star and more. This comes as an interesting move for the MiZXFLUX offerings, as I’m sure many have tried to pass Star Wars graphics through the app since its inception. We could talk more and more about the precedent this sets or tell you which ones we’re gunning for (Boba Fett so icy) or you could download the app and start toying with it for yourself. Hit up and get your Star Wars Flux on now.


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adidas-zx flux-star wars

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