Adidas has been killing it in every department as of late and these upcoming adidas Skate x Soccer jerseys are a must for any fan of either sport. Repping various skaters from the adidas Skate team; Benny Fairfax + Palace for England, Lucas Puig + Cliche for France, Mark Gonzales + Krooked for the USA, Rodrigo TX + DGK for Brazil, Lem Villemin + Cliche for Germany and Raul Navarro + Western Edition for Spain-via HB. Not only are these jerseys on point, but the price point is ideal for anyone who is currently looking to scoop some ill gear for the summertime/World Cup and is currently available now for $50 USD.

adidas-skateboarding-6-skate-copa-lookbook-6 adidas-skateboarding-4-skate-copa-lookbook-4 adidas-skateboarding-3-skate-copa-lookbook-3 adidas-skateboarding-2-skate-copa-lookbook-2 adidas-skateboarding-1-skate-copa-lookbook-1



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