adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_04

The powerful team of adidas, Mark McNairy and Kazuki Kuraishi are back at it again, and their latest victim is the Torsion Allegra silhouette, and they’re taking no mercy on this classic. Dressed in two very distinct colorways, the TCMFB crew has slapped together a black and red rendition as well as an intense orange and brown leather pair that takes the Torsion Allegra to a new level. No exact release info as of now, but expect to see them hit shelves soon.

adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_02 adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_03 adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_08 adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_05 adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_07 adidas-torsion allegra-mark-kazuki_06



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