Sticking to an every-other-month schedule, the adidas YEEZY Slide is back for another release, this time offering restocks of three previous colorways. Returning in full family sizing is the “Pure,” “Glow Green,” and most recent “Onyx.”

Boasting comfort and practical design, it is fair to say that YEEZY Slides have taken over as the footwear of choice for the summer. The minimalist slides have been seen by countless celebrities and is easily one of the most popular YEEZY silhouettes ever released. Since their debut back in 2019, the YEEZY Slides have become more and more accessible through multiple restocks, though they still sell out every time due to high demand.

Like all recent YEEZY Slide releases, the surface on these will be textured instead of the ultra-smooth construction seen on the releases from 2019-2021. The “Onyx” launched with this texture, while the “Pure” has previously released in both smooth and textured. This marks the first textured “Glow Green” drop, which comes with a new style code.

The adidas YEEZY Slide “Pure,” “Glow Green,” and “Onyx” are expected to restock on May 20th on the, YEEZY SUPPLY, and select retailers, though it is possible that the “Onyx” restock will be pushed to June. Check out all three colorways below.

adidas YEEZY Slide “Pure”
Style Code: GW1934 / HQ4117 / HQ4120
Release Date: May 20, 2022
Price: $70 USD (Adult) / $60 (Kids) / $50 (Infants)

adidas YEEZY Slide “Glow Green”
Style Code: HQ6447 / HQ4119 / HQ4116
Release Date: May 20, 2022
Price: $70 USD (Adult) / $60 (Kids) / $50 (Infants)

adidas YEEZY Slide “Onyx”
Style Code: HQ6448 / HQ4115 / HQ4118
Release Date: May 20, 2022
Price: $70 USD (Adult) / $60 (Kids) / $50 (Infants)

In-hand photos via teddyssole


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