The Air Jordan 1 Banned goes down in history as one of the most weirdest releases to date. Numerous stories about the ‘Banned’ Air Jordan 1 release can be told but we’ll never know what actually happened and who gave the go for this shoe to drop at the outlets. For those who weren’t lucky to get a pair, Mr. Stickie213 walks us through the details of the Air Jordan 1 Banned. The shoe has way more detail to it than what you’ve seen in the photos so pay close attention!

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  1. Why are you lying about getting them early stickie I work at the outlet in Portland and we did not allow any phone orders so don't from you got them on 6/1/2011 with every one else lol

  2. He said 1995 when in fact it was 1985. Anyway i passed on these cause i really don't like the colorway that much.

  3. Hes not lying once I found out they had them I did a phone order as well.I got mine before the june 1st release too.

  4. originally releases 85* and jordan is definitely retarded for trying to release the other pair. but i appreciate it JB quality still isn't as good as my 01s

  5. Yo Droopy85…. You mad? hahah jk

    And yeah small mistake saying 95. I did mention 85 before I said 95 though. Sorry for the confusion!


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