Just when we thought the ‘Colleziones’ were over, another 11/12 pack is rumored to be released this Holiday season. So far we’ve been right about rumored releases but this pack is definitely something we didn’t expect. These two originally released in February 96 (XI) and 97 (XII). Stick with Modern Notoriety for more info on Holiday 2011 and 2012. Via NT

Edit: As the title says, It is only a rumor but we will let you know as soon as confirmation arrives.

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  1. Come on modern. Please stop it with the rumors. Your starting too much hype and drama. Your better than that. Please give us more solid info on releases and no word of mouths.

  2. lmao this is a HUGE rumor. The only 11 coming out in the year 2011 are the concords Dec 23, 2011. There is no 11/12 pack! I'm so sick of all these jordan rumors… Last year it was the snake 11's, then it was the concord/columbia pack, then last week it was the LOW TOP concord and bred 11 pack, and now its this? smh GTFOH

  3. Ummm modern-notoriety rumors have 90% been accurate in my vote they had all the early sample and new releases theyre good. i love them

  4. That would make a LOT of releases for one month, especially that month being december. There are the concords, the black/cement III's and now this pack? Not that I would mind but I thought JB would pace all these popular retros releases. I would get the pack for the obsidian XII's, they're such a nice pair!!!


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