Since the Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam”, Sneakerheads have been predicting the colorway for the year that follows and so far, they’ve been right. However, this year has been a bit tricky. Earlier today, rumors of the Air Jordan 11 Retro “Bred” were circulating around message boards, leading us to a huge confusion due to previous confirmations on the Air Jordan 11 Retro “Columbia”.  Whether or Not these were to release, we’d like to know your opinion. Vote after the Jump!


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  1. This is, in my opinion, the greatest Jordan of all time. This release will be bigger than the concord release. I actually feel these will release before the Columbias will.

  2. @ mark. They may not release before the columbias because the bred lows post to drop this summer. But thats unofficial so I guess its up in their air

  3. It cant be the Breds cuz the low tops drop this year and Columbias havent dropped in years and Breds came out in 08 in the cdp.

  4. I will be copping BReds if that is what drops, but i have no need for Columbias. I kinda like the year-on-year-off Rotation. I never liked the Cool Greys.

  5. Got the 01 breds & cdp breds and if they drop again I will cop also……bred 11s are my all time fav cant get enough of them….colombias will be nice to!!!

  6. I hope they release the Columbias… JB dropping too much shoes this year and the Columbias aren't on my list. Gotta recoup the funds.

  7. Columbias > Breds next year!!

    Reason: My 01 and cdp Breds are perfect. My columbias look like Denver nuggets PE! And want a clean pair of columbias

  8. to hell with columbias & cool greys let the hypebeast have them they aint ish but that's just personal opinion but if these drop im all over it

  9. @Breezy columbias are for hypebeasts? Your tryna get a pair of 2012 quality bred 11s though? Come on now. Go get 01s. Only reason I want columbias is cause mine are yellow. You probably are a beast though. Thirsty as hell for some breds haha

  10. If they don't drop I won't really be upset, and if they do Japan'll have em in stores in late November just like they did the Concords/S.Jams so I'll avoid the mayhem.

  11. Why would these release this year? I found out from this site that the Columbia 11's would release this year. Can't the Breds release next year in 2013? If the Bred 11's are coming out this year then I will be prepared.

  12. Never understood why the columbias are so hated on, I'd prefer them before any other colorway of 11's ..just my opinion though.

  13. I prefer this over Columbias. I will cop at least three pairs. Will keep all of them. No reselling for me when it comes to Bred XI's. This will easily surpass the chaos and craziness of the Concord Release. Greatest Air Jordan Shoe Of All Time (This Colorway)?


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