When’s the last time you’ve seen a camp out as crazy as this?! with only a few hours away from the Air Jordan 11 “Concord release, hundreds if not thousands of individuals are already camping and have been, since the beginning of this week. All through Florida, Cali, New York, Boston, Atlanta and other states, You can find a Concord line longer than you’ve ever seen. Hopefully, everyone will be able to get their pairs without having any trouble. Check out the crazy lines after the jump! huge thanks to Deftronic

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  1. wow….this is ridiculous…i wonder if they were giving out scholarships to college would people be in a line like this?

  2. Further confirmation that this is not for me. Nope, no thanks. Ebay in a couple months. But, more power to these folks. Hope it goes well.

  3. Holy 8 pound 6 ounce baby jesus!! I am SOOOO thankful i dont live in America. F*ck that for a joke. Just to let you know, Concords released here yesterday in Australia, and i rocked up this morning to my local FootLocker, and they had only sold one pair. Sure they are more expensive at $215. But ive never lined up or camped out in my life. I have a job. I might even go down next week and grab another pair… lol.

  4. Fuck That!!! This is way outta hand now because common sense would tell you if you see that many people in front of you, your not going to get a pair. smh and what are the females standing in line for? they can wake up and head out at 7:30 and they will still have a full size run so I wouldn’t even worry if I were them.

  5. Lol this is crazy. I live in canada and i can just reserve a pair like a month early and I'm set. No lines or bs like this


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