One of the most anticipated shoes of the year has to be the Air Jordan Retro 11 “Concord”. We have heard all lot of information regarding this years release but haven’t seen too many pictures. Thanks to VMVinc we get a good look at them and we can see that Jordan is giving us the classic, un-altered, “Concord” 11 with the exception of the clear sole which has been replaced by the icey blue sole you see here. Here VMVinc gives us a look at them along with the opportunity to pre-oreder them. After you check out the pictures let us know what you think then hurry over to VMVinc to reserve your pair.





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  1. yea the blue is a bit too dark but I agree with the comment above. Everyone is going to try to get these regardless.

  2. Quality is trash, like dey gon keep dropping b.s. cuz we're gonna always cop. Thank god for flightclub & force fields

  3. I swear most Jordan fans are idiots, they give u b.s. quality then ya'll happy. But sum sick J's like the stealth 3's yall dun like cuz the color wave isn't original. Then wanna Dik ride 3 years from now when I pull em out, knowing because of idiots like yall they will never again be retroed. I shud thank u all.

  4. No offense to anyone who believes that they are truly sneakerheads but I personally think that shiest is like the only person who understands that these new jordans are bs, and compared to the original jordans they are trash. Now even though im only 13 I've noticed the huge quality gap between the OGs and the late retroes and I believe that these are trash compared to the 01 Concords(and better yet any OG retro 11 in this matter).

  5. @JayB – dude shut up your 13 ; you werent even born when these came out .

    everybody is going to want these and people who dont will regret it in five years so everybody needs to stop bitching and get their money ready .

  6. Sorry to prove you wrong Jonathan Gonzales, but these came out in 2000 and I was born in 1997

    (do the math dumbazz).

  7. I've been buying J's since the fifth championship (1996-1997), and I agree the quality of the shoe is indeed not to the specs as it once was. But people…'s not 1996 anymore. Of course the shoe quality is going to change. The shoe is no longer new, its been released over and over again. The shoe is sold now so people that dont know about mike get to discover the shoes' legacy and have a crash course about mikes' great career and also gain appriciation for an ahead-of-it's-time shoe design, regardless if it's a basketball shoe. Retro shoes in general are made to give you a sense of nostalgia, but it's impossible to copy history and re-release the past experience, without some quality being lost in the process. My first pair of Jordans were the playoff 13's (BLK base/White highlights). I wore them while I watched MJ and the Bulls beat the Jazz on "NBA ON NBC" during the last championship run. Even if I buy 1 million pairs of playoff 13's, OG's or NOT, no pair of 13's will be like picking up a pair at Foot Locker as a teen during 98'. Im only happy that MJ still to this day, provides us an opportunity to walk in his shoes (literally), and go back to 1990 something. Peace. The saga continues.


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