If you’ve gone through the Space Jam, Cool Grey and Concord chaos, then you won’t have much trouble getting the Air Jordan 11 Bred..that is if you’re up on your connections. The Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred’ made thousands of individuals drop a whopping $310 back in 2008 with the CDP pack and now, most who passed on the pack are looking forward to cop a pair for $185. As troublesome as it may seem this Holiday season, You can always purchase this anticipated colorway months early.  Buy the Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred’ Now

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  1. i like the brighter red bottoms…as long as the mesh is soft and not like the cardboard crap cdp we are good! easy pass on early drops thou….smh!


    these are HORRIFIC


    all the hypebeast are liniing up right now to get these shits


    jb has yet ruined another shoe smh


    • How can you say bad quality?Do you have the shoes in your hand?Have you seen them in person?So people who aren't able to get OG's are hypebeast?Since you have your "OG's" supposedly shut up have a coke and smile and let the people who missed out on them cop em.


        i dont have to have these in my hand to see the horrendous quality, shape, cut on patent leather is crap compared to my og


        BY ANY MEANS

        if you dont your a hypebeast

        • Lol you're funny not All real sneakerheads have OG's simple as that, A real sneakerhead buys what he or she wants regardless of what people say. The whole point of retroing is for people who missed out or can't afford to buy the OG shoe, but nooooo those people are hypebeast just because they want a retro shoe because they can't get the older one.

  3. @carlos you gon gimme yo OGs then stfu. i passed on the cords cuzi got the 2000, passed on the greys got the 2000, passed on the jams got the 2000s. i gotta cop theese. aint got shit to do with quality, if that was the case then the wouldn resell for tripple or sell out in min. its business, cheaper materials more profit, either you buy it or someone else will, jb don give a shit about your opinion, plus you cant even say the materials are cheaper when i have pre jb era retros that are crmbling in the boxes, wear your shoes, they are shoes.

    • your clearly A HYPEBEAST


      dont just buy shoes cuz they want them

      they buy them based on the QUALITY thats why i dont buy retros anymore


      any REAL sneakerhead would pass on these

      even if they dont have the OG'S

      & i wear all my shoes, none of my shoes have started crumbling

    • @CArlos I’m not a sneakerhead but every video on YouTube I see of og sneakerheads they always stress to buy what every you want

  4. ^^^If none of your 2000's shoes (especially 3-6's) have started crumbling or then they're fake. And I guess I'm not a real sneakerhead because I want the shoes I buy even though I never wear them.

    • no, you have to WEAR YOUR SHOES

      i have a pair of 99 cement 4s that have not crumbled thats becasue i wear them and give them air


      you have to give your shoes air IE WEAR THEM so that they wont crumble

  5. I had my 99 bred 4s 2000 infared 6s and space jams on ice. Put em all on the same time last year the suede on the 6s cracked instantly, the sole on the 4s crumbled in 3 steps and my space jam sole came unatatched. Point is wear ya shit. And buy what you like quality is gone get over it, look at all of nokes shoes now, flywire and mesh but the still wanna charge you an arm and a leg, too much money to be made without it. Theese shoes cost 60 dollars less 10 yrs ago. And jus ckuz you dont have ogs dont mean you aint no sneakerhead. The fact you know the bulls had the best record in history the year jordan wore theese makes you a sneakerhead.

  6. The fact you willin to risk your life to get them because you grew up wantin em or you couldn afford to cop the last releas, Real sneakerhead is based on the reason you buy not by what you have. Its the history, the anticipation, the fact that you work hard and you want a piece of sports history. It aint like jordan autographed yo shit personally. Its the love of the game that makes you a sneakerhead, not the og’ness of your shoes.

  7. "all Wanna be Sneakerheads, hypebeasts and resellers! If your gonna buy them and resell them your nowhere near a sneakerhead! your just a lowlife trying to make a profit thats fucking up the shoes game. if you like these Hey buy them, if you dont, dont cop simple as that! now……. Rock your shoes! dont stock em! and if you're gonna store your shoes in a plastic box or ziplock bag to slow down the process of your icy soles from yellowing or just storing your sneakers. make sure you air them out once a month to let the shoe materials breath so they wont crumble. Let's all REAL Sneakerheads work together to stop all the Resellers and HypleBeasts!!!!!" – We Are AZ $oles United and we approve this Message MF! We Out!


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